Frequently Asked Questions

How much to join?
Archery term membership: $25 ($15 if joining after our midterm date, different every year.)
Also includes storage fees. We do not accept $100 bills or loose change.
PAC term fee: $50-135
PAC day fee: $5

When is the club open?
Exact hours can be found at the Athletics and Recreation website.
Shooting stops at the last 10-20 minutes of the hours of operation.
The club may also be closed due to bad weather and insufficient staffing.

Is archery dangerous?
Hardly. However, any sport is dangerous if not done properly. It is important to observe line calls, to be patient, and to treat others and the equipment with respect. Participants are required to pay for any damage in equipment that is cause by his/her carless behaviour, e.g., 'dry-fire' the bow.

Also, according to the club constitution, "The Executive has the right to refuse/terminate membership to anyone at anytime whom it believes within reasonable grounds is a hazard to themselves, others, or club property."

What if I've never done it before?
That's fine, basic lessons are provided (included in your fees) on safety and form.

What do I need to bring when I show up to the first session?
Your WatCard, the fees, and maybe a friend. Comfortable, non-baggy clothing (short sleeve shirt, or shirt with tight sleeves), and something to tie your hair back. If a hijab (headscarf equivalents) is worn, the ends must be secured to avoid interference with the bow.

Do not wear things that can get caught: scarves, dangly earrings, a button-up shirt, or facial jewelry. Do not wear uncomfortable or movement restricting items, like stilettos, a corset, etc.

Do I need my own equipment?
No, the club provides everything you need.

Can I bring my own equipment?
Yes, as long as it is less than 55lb (in draw weight) and in safe working order, subject to club review.
If using the club's arrows, the draw weight must be less than or equal to 40lb.
Note: crossbows and other firearms are prohibited.

Can I store my equipment there?

No. We do not have the sufficient facilities for student equipment storage

Do I have to attend all nights?
No. After the first lesson (the safety lesson), you can come whenever you want. However, there are some reserved times for intermediate / advanced archers, as well as lessons / workshops for beginners.

How many people are in the club?
Fall / Winter: 50-60, Summer: 20-30

What are common problems?
For first time archers: correct clothing, familiarity with equipment, and group safety are usually solved quickly. Intermediate archers will have trouble with poor form, equipment configuration "tuning", and athletic preparedness. Advanced archers typically have trouble with sport psychology, muscle strain due to heavier equipment, and small but signifigant form and equipment problems.

I am not a student. Can I join?
University of Waterloo Faculty, alumni, staff, and students can join. You must be a member of the PAC, and have paid all applicable fees. Otherwise, you cannot join as you are not properly insured. If you are a current student on co-op, you must pay the PAC membership fee.

I am visiting Waterloo. Can I use the facilities?
You must be a member of University of Waterloo. Subject to availability, you can: you must pay both the PAC day fee and the archery day fee.

What is the schedule?
You can find the schedule here, including cancellations and times the facility is booked for tournaments or conferences.

When was the club founded?
Well, sources suggest 1991, but we have documents left over from 1975.

How do I become a rangemaster?
A rangemaster ensures order on the range. Please consult the rangemaster's guide for the application process, duties, and privileges.

How to ask a question not listed here?
We welcome your questions! Please send them to, or ask us on the facebook page.